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   Currently Performing & Recording  Past List  
 The Lighthouse Boys 1987-Present
 Red Letter Edition 2010-Present

 Standard Warrior Band (Alumni) 1988-1990
 Sudden Storm (member of) 1994
 Images of Christ (member of) 1995-1999
 PIC (member of) 2004

The Blue Diamonds 2012-2013
     Additional Past Performances  
 The Watchmen Quartet (Selected Major Events) 1996-2001
 James Blackwood (Great Western Quartet Convention) 1999
 Circuit Riders (Great Western Quartet Convention) 2000
 Run Away Train (Filled In) 2008
 Friends of the Mulkenizer (Filled In) 2008



  Live & Studio Musicians & Vocalists Stephen has worked with:  
Dr. James Blackwood (Vocals)
Dr. Rayford Grady Walls, Jr (Conductor / Instructor)
Ben Hines (Harmonica)
Bill Underwood (Guitar/Vocals)
Billy Brisendine (Vocals)
Brian Lonbeck (Guitar)
Bob Jones Sr. (Vocals)
Bob Jones Jr. (Vocals)
Bobby Durham (Vocals/ Guitar)
Chris Henry (Bass Guitar/ Vocals)
Chuck Crocker (Drums)
Coy Edwards (Vocals)
Dan Hunter (Vocals)
Dathan Fernandez (Guitar)
Dave Sommers (Mastering Engineer)
Dennis Zimmerman (Vocals)
Dick Hilleary (MC/ Vocals/ Conductor)
Dirk Zwiebel (Vocals)
Ed Sanners (Guitar)
Everett  Evans (Keyboard / Piano)
Garry Brier (Guitar)
Herb Henry (Piano, Vocals)
Jeff Hall (Engineer)
Jeff Johnson (Drums, Bass Guitar)
Jerry Mulkens (Guitar)
Jon Ramsay (Vocals)
John Rutledge (Guitar)
Ken Edwards (Bass Guitar/Guitar/Vocals)
Max Reese (Engineer)
Mark Yeary (Producer/Engineer/Keyboard)
Mark Ford (Vocals)
Mark Underwood (co-producer/Keyboards/Vocals)
Mike Pillow (Producer)
Mike Smith (Keyboards, Vocals)
Nick Forcillo (Engineer)
Randy Miller (Harmonica)
Reggie Langendorfer (Engineer/Guitar)
Rick Evans (Keyboard/)
Roger Pierce (Vocals)
Sammy Lee (Piano)
Seth Weiss (Vocals)
Sharon Peck Elmore (Piano, Organ, Vocals)
Steve Johnson (Vocals)
Ted Hunter (Vocals)
Terry Mullin (Vocals / Bass Guitar)
Tim Williams (Vocals / Keyboard)
Tommy Smith (Bass Guitar/Guitar/Engineer)
Tracy Heaston (Producer/Piano)
Tymothy F. Cantu (Drums, Vocals, Percussion)


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