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  Stephen prefers to play
 J & B Custom Drums (Las Vegas, NV)
 Evans Heads
 Zildjian Cymbals & Accessories
 DW / Pacific Pedals
 Gibraltar Hardware
 and with Pro-Mark Drum Sticks
 Stephen Underwood owns 4 drum sets, but currently tours with 2.
 All sets are played with Stephen’s 14” J & B Custom Snare Drum built by owner Jim Brown.
 His 1st being a vintage 1976/1978 five piece Rogers Big-R set with 24” kick, 12” and 14” Toms and 16” Floor tom, 14” Dynasonic Snare on the side and his custom build 14” J & B Snare Drum.  This kit is primarily used for Recording Sessions and Tours with The Lighthouse Boys, and selected concerts with The Blue Diamonds.
 His 2nd Kit is mid 2000s, 4 piece SP kit with a 20” Kick, 12” Tom, 13” Side Snare and a 15” Floor Tom and also with his custom built 14” J & B Snare Drum, the 4 piece is primarily used for long road trips down to the Los Angeles area to play with The Blue Diamonds and outdoor gigs where there is a lot of heat from the sun and with Red Letter Edition.
His 3rd set which is the set he toured with for many years from 1988-2000 his 1982 7 piece CB-700 “Atlantic” Drum Kit, is currently packed up until he’s ready to restore them.
His 4th Set is a Rolland TD-6V electric kit.  This set is only used for daily practice and demo sessions at NashvilleWest Productions & Sound Design.
 Stephen has a small collection of Snare Drums, Ten Snares total to be exact.
 (Coming soon, Stephen’s Setup Images).



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